Choosing The Right Anti-Virus Program for Your Business

November 12th, 2018

Cyber security is one of the most crucial aspects of running a business today, even though it may not seem so at first.

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The consequences of a serious breach can cost businesses the security of their private and confidential information, such as their financial details, theft of their ecommerce website and a possible damage to the credibility of their business.

Therefore, business owners need to ensure that they have the best possible protection at their disposal when it comes to anti-virus software.  One of the most frequently asked questions that information technology service providers get is about the kind of anti-virus software they recommend.

Here are a few tips for business owners who are on the lookout for robust security software.

Considering the Detection Rate of the Software

The first thing to check for, while considering anti-virus software is the detection rate it offers. The detection rate is the ability of the software to spot any incoming threats. This includes detecting malware that may be lurking on internet websites and cross-checking dubious email attachments. Security software that is efficient scores well on their detection rates over extended periods.

The Software’s Firewall

The firewall offered in the software should protect all incoming as well as all outgoing data and information. This means that the firewall should be able to protect the business against intrusions as well as preventing any malicious activity going out from the business’s computers. A strong firewall spots when a computer has been taken over by malware and issues a strong warning to stop it.

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Scanning Computers

Another important feature of firewalls are scanning systems that are both flexible and far-reaching. At times, when the system is vulnerable it’s important for the anti-virus to scan it at both, boot time as well as from a boot disk. A boot disk that is easy to build and is equipped with the latest anti-virus software is always a plus for companies.

The Software’s Performance

The performance of the snit-virus software should be compatible with your computer and should not hamper it. This factor should weigh considerably and is one of the deciding factors for purchasing software. Businesses should always be on the lookout for software that keeps a sound balance between ensuring good performance and providing a strong protection.

Getting secure and reliable anti-virus software for your business is synonymous to getting a strong lock for your home. This is why we, at Think Technologies Group, are committed to providing security solutions that guarantee results.

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