How A Managed IT Service Provider Can Help Solve Your Business’s Digital Troubles

December 27th, 2018
How A Managed IT Service Provider Can Help Solve Your Business’s Digital Troubles

A statistics chart indicating the revenue earned by high-value IT companies globally shows that IBM alone raked in a staggering USD 37.8 billion. This was a little more than a billion shy of their USD 38.9 billion earnings from the year before; however, it was the stepping up of other IT companies that among other things accounted for the difference.

Among other things, what this shows is that the world of information technology today, at the dawn of 2019, is very much in bloom. Furthermore, regardless of what industry you are a part of or what kind of business you run, information technology likely plays some role or another.

The corporate and business world in particular runs on an infrastructure of information technology which encompasses everything from user end apps to vast data storage and management. You could say that your IT capabilities are in a sense the backbone of your business!

Internal IT Functions and Management

There are companies and businesses operating with in-house IT departments managing any and all IT related tasks. Though this may have some benefits, the same is not without complications which include heavy resource drain, a lack of expertise and at times inadequate man power among others. The only viable alternative; however, is to work with a managed IT service provider.

Managed IT Services and What They Offer

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A managed IT service provider is a company or organization comprising of numerous qualified IT professionals. These companies possess both the technology and the manpower to address any and all digital concerns and requirements of the clients they serve. Here are some of the ways in which a managed IT service provider can benefit your business by facilitating the following digital functions:

Network Administration

Trouble with services and applications, network failures and other IT related bugs; all can slow down, if not cripple a business. The first solution working with a managed IT service provider will offer is to take the hassle of internally managing all of the latter.

They will streamline services and applications, providing technical support and fixes for the same as and when needed. Unlike an in-house team that is usually spread thin and accustomed to working with general surface level problems, managed IT service professionals are specialized in their functions. What this means is you lose less time fixing bugs, leaving more for productivity.

A managed IT service provider will ensure that your networks are running as they should, they will optimize connectivity and look after network security. Further, they will also run regular diagnostics and make sure that networks and systems are functioning optimally but addressing and bugs present.

Network Security

Network security is a priority for companies as there is information, data, company agendas and other material that is meant to be kept confidential. As you may already know, data breaches globally, peaked in the previous year making data security a prime concern for most businesses and other institutions.


A managed IT service provider will dedicate a portion of their resources to monitor and gate-keep your network traffic and access. From performing regular network checks and screening for anomalies to restricting unauthorized access, a managed IT service provider ensures stringent network safety. This includes provisions of recommendations and other materials to help you make things more efficient.

In other words, your network will run smooth and securely at all times.


Having to deal with both hardware and software can really do a number on internal system and server speeds. Virtualization is a groundbreaking concept that involves moving a lot of your data and hardware apps to the cloud taking a load off your systems and internal servers.

This technology can be implemented everywhere from networks to individual workspaces of your employees. Among other things, the same will boost performance of all your applications, make disaster recovery and repair a lot quicker and increase the overall efficiency of your existing servers.


Optimizing of your digital communication functions is another things that a managed IT service provider will offer you. This includes streamlining all digital telecommunication functions both internally as well as on the customer user end.


The benefits here include impeccable computer phone functions which help speed up internal processes as well as added user control. Further, web based dash boards as well as other remote functions make running of the day to day simpler regardless of employee location.

Cloud and Backup Services

Last but not least, cloud services allow you to centralize any and all IT functions. They also provide a safe and viable data backup solution. Company professionals and executives depending on permissions may access data and other company applications from anywhere.

Hardware and servers may also be dispensed, freeing up your space and speeding up all other internal functions.

Transitioning your data and other applications to the cloud can sometimes be a tricky process; however, a reliable managed IT service provider will oversee and undertake this for you. This ensures that no data is lost and application function is not hindered.

The Upshot

The functions and tasks above if done internally can cause a massive strain on resources. Further, many of the stated digital solutions are highly specialized and require a team of specifically qualified professionals to guarantee successful undertaking.

If you work with a managed IT service provider you can rest assured that all your IT functions and resources will be looked after.

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