6 Common Misconceptions about Managed IT You Need To Stop Believing

January 1st, 2019
6 Common Misconceptions about Managed IT You Need To Stop Believing

Anything which shoots to the top of the popularity rung in a short period of time has its share of critics claiming conspiracy theories and distrust in the idea, person or service. These critics can then easily perpetrate these misconceptions and myths even onto believers, harming a perfectly innocent idea, person or service in the process!

Very similar is what happened with managed IT service providers. In the increasingly technological world, more and more people started looking to outsource their IT departments to professionals as businesses grew and became more digitalized. But at the same time, people started growing suspicious, and a few myths and misconceptions were created which we hope to debunk in this blog.

Misconception#1: The Larger the Service Provider, the Better the Service

Sure, providers who have gotten to the very top of the rung of the ladder have done so due to their success rates, value for money and quality of service. But that is not to say that it is only the largest service providers who will be able to provide exactly the services you need.


Depending upon your particular industry, your needs might be different from the industry the large company has specifically worked with. As such, no matter how famous the provider is, they might not be able to cater to your industry as they would to an industry they specialize in!

Misconception#2: I Don’t Need To Outsource Because I Have an IT Guy

You have an IT guy who is doing a great job and is managing everything well enough for your small business and that’s great! But what happens when you encounter a critical issue with your computer software or hardware at a crucial time, and your IT guy is off on vacation, took a day off from work or just does not have the ability to handle the issue? Your business will be down for days until you find someone to fix your problem, making you lose out on customers and sales.

With an outsourced service, however, you get access to a whole host of professionals available round the clock, each with their own set of expertise to help you with any problem you may encounter!

Misconception#3: Managed IT is Only For Large Businesses

This couldn’t possibly be further from the truth! All businesses, whether small, medium-sized or large could benefit from outsourcing their IT operations to a set of professionals who handle all technological aspects of a business for a living. Not only would it help you get an edge over your competition, it could also help make your business more efficient, secure and safe from online and network threats.

Misconception#4: Managed IT and Remote Monitoring Services Are the Same

Wrong! Remote monitoring services are merely a part of the umbrella term that is managed IT. Managed IT includes everything from cyber security, network installation, repair and management, cloud storage and backup and computer support. When you sign up for a managed IT service, you get access to professionals who are well equipped with handling all kinds of tech needs, regardless of the type.

Misconception#5: Outsourcing Managed IT Solutions Is Dangerous

To tell you the truth, outsourcing your managed IT solutions might actually make your business more secure than DIY managed IT ever could! One person may not always be equipped with handling all the various viruses, bugs, glitches and security threats your digital space may encounter, putting you at risk of hacking, data loss and other security issues.

On the other hand, the 24/7 assistance a good managed IT service provider provides gives you increased security through instant threat response, strategic consulting, updated software, secure data backup, 24/7 monitoring and more.

Misconception#6: Outsourcing Managed IT Solutions is Expensive

Compare the cost you would pay a company to handle your IT solutions to the money you would have to give every year to utility bills, purchase, maintenance and repair of hardware and software, employee salaries, employee benefits as well as office equipment, gratuity funds, vending machine and more and you’ll find that outsourcing your IT solutions might actually be cheaper in the long run!

Not only are you not directly paying for employee benefits and the like, you’re also getting access to a large variety of professionals, all with their specific skill sets. This in turn helps you get a larger number of problems solved than your in-house IT guy or girl would be able to!

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