Top Reasons Why Your Manufacturing Business Might Want to Consider Managed IT Services

January 14th, 2019
Top Reasons Why Your Manufacturing Business Might Want to Consider Managed IT Services

The IT outsourcing industry is massive today valued at a staggering USD 88 billion globally and for good reason. With the growing need for efficient IT management and the slowly changing business landscape, it is no wonder that organizations and companies want to be more stringent with IT related concerns.

Regardless of the size of your business or what industry it belongs to, optimizing your IT functions is in a sense, one of the corner stones of productivity and success.

Managed IT Services and Manufacturing Businesses

If you run a manufacturing business you may be thinking managed IT services do not really relate to your line of work per say. This however is untrue. Even when running a manufacturing business, you have numerous internal functions that could benefit greatly from optimization of your IT infrastructure. These include employee and associate data management, internal business application maintenance, day to day bug fixes and a lot more.

Furthermore, in this day and age, even if you’re not a service provider who requires complex user end web functions for your clients and customers, a degree of online presence is still essential.

Working with a managed IT service provider can benefit your manufacturing business in a number of ways.

Proactive Services

You might be used to the break/fix method which involves only seeking support if and when something goes wrong. What you may have noticed is the problem with this is that more often than not, the in-house team will not be able to address an issue adequately. This will require hiring the one time services of a specialist. Even if a solution is provided, the emergence of another problem requires yet another specialist visit.

IT help

All this takes time during which your other processes are bound to be slowed down. A managed IT service provider is consistently looking after and monitoring your IT functions even if remotely. More often than not, bug fixes will be performed without you even knowing about them until the management company submits a report.

Increased Efficiency

You would be surprised at how much application and network optimization can do for any business. Manufacturing is really no different. A managed IT service provider can boost your businesses efficiency ratings exponentially in a number of ways.

Cloud Services

Cloud services allow you to move entire data cashes as well as hardware for other applications onto the cloud. This frees up immense amounts of space on your local/internal networks making all other functions a lot faster. No more waiting on internal messages, uploads and such. With the extra space, your speed automatically improves.

What is even better is that all your data as well as required hardware apps may be accessed over the cloud.

Hardware Optimization

Managed IT companies also offer hardware optimization services making sure that the hardware you are currently using is up to date and functioning to its full capacity. This involves monitoring, fixing bugs and clearing redundant programs from your system and network.

Planning and Organization

It’s not like a managed IT company will be operating without coordinating closely with you. They will likely set regular planning meets and share numerous strategies to better your IT infrastructure on the back end. You may not know it but this opens avenues through which you could boost productivity and even connect with more potential associates and other companies with whom to do business.


Digital Presence

If you think your business is not of the scale to require a digital or web presence you may well be wrong. When asked about how important they felt a digital presence was for business, statistics showed that almost 80% SME owners in the US responded saying the same was imperative. The stability, function and efficiency of your digital presence relies on your ability to run things smoothly on the back end.

A managed IT company makes sure your networks are running smooth and that any communication programs as well as other necessary applications remain functional. Clients and those you do business with trying to connect with you over the digital medium will have no trouble doing so losing you less business to frustrating network glitches.

Cost and Resource Effectiveness

You may not realize it but what you spend on internal IT departments as well as constantly having to outsource various tasks to specialists and other IT companies is a lot. You can save immense amounts of company revenue annually simply by working with an IT management service.


Though you will be charged a standard fee, the value offered by the same is immense and well worth it. Internal departments and constant outsourcing is a real drain on resources.


Most importantly, a managed IT service provider offers you security. This is with regard to everything from your network functions to the data you entrust them with. You can rest assured that you won’t need to worry about data theft or breaches. Further, you will have the peace of mind you require to really focus on the important aspects of your manufacturing business knowing your IT concerns are being well addressed.

The Upshot

We could add on to the list of ways that a managed IT service provider can offer you but we feel you get the idea! If you’re looking to work with a well reputed managed IT service provider our company based in Hollywood FL is one of the best in the business. We offer various managed IT solutions including but not restricted to network security, virtualizationand cloud services. Connect with us if you require more information or any kind of support!