Why the Internal IT Guy Is Becoming a Thing of the Past

January 21st, 2019
Why the Internal IT Guy Is Becoming a Thing of the Past

If you have working in the corporate world or the business side of any other industry, one of the things you may have noticed is how IT has taken over. According to the Forbes magazine, IT is moving from a secondary to a primary role with regard to any and all business functions.

Once upon a time, IT requirements in a business may have been limited to computer upgrades, servicing networks and running very basic internal applications. Today, it is a different story entirely.

The Dawn of IT Outsourcing

If you look at statistics for the IT outsource industry, one of the things you will notice is that the same is valued at over USD 88 billion – no small sum! This might lead you to ask why so many companies and organizations are outsourcing.

What happened to the concept of simply having a company IT guy?

The IT Guy Is Out!

The internal company IT person has in a sense become redundant after the advent of specialized managed IT service providers and there is reason for this. Though many companies may still have internal IT departments alongside their outsourcing ventures, the capacity of the same is extremely limited.

We’re going to elaborate on why.

Qualifications and Capacity

The first thing you need to understand is how the information technology industry works internally and what that market landscape is like. Those who train and qualify in IT related fields do not do so with the ambitions of one day heading a company IT department!

IT Man

They are a lot more focused on which area of IT they want to excel and specialize in. The hiring pool for the in house company IT person, is actually quite limited. What you do have access to is numerous middle tier professionals who are either not fully qualified or simply not great at what they do.

In any case, such individuals lack the qualifications and professional capacities to address the array of complex IT related concerns that your company will need to address. Further, there are tasks like cloud services, application optimization and others that an in-house IT team or person may not be equipped to adequately oversee.

Managed IT service providers offer teams of highly qualified and skilled professionals with specific and effective solutions to any and all IT concerns you may have.


Even if you do find one or more adept IT specialists that add value to your functions for a bit, retention will not be easy. Besides the chances that they will be extremely expensive, the same will also likely be in transition. Such professionals being career oriented will probably be in search of more focused work and will move the minute the same is available.

This will leave you with a department lacking manpower, the task of rehiring and of course the hassle of having to train whoever you hire. Not worth the trouble. An outsourcing company; however, works by contract and is not going to leave you in the lurch!

Costs and Resources

Hiring the ideal in house IT team would likely cost you a bomb. Further, given the amount of specialists your company would need, the same would also take considerable company resources by way of HR, salaries and such.


Even hiring and managing a mediocre in-house IT team costs a fair bit. This is not counting the money you lose when glitches take ages being fixed or when things go wrong due to application of inappropriate fixes!


There are countless times when your in-house IT person will just throw their hands up in the air because the problem is beyond them. This would mean looking for and hiring a specialist on a one time basis. In other words, your organizational functionality would be compromised until the problem would fix.

All this would take a lot more time than if you were working with a managed IT service provider. Managed IT service providers conduct regular remote system checks performing any and all necessary fixes, sometimes without you even knowing it.


Further, when it comes to your data, the fact that the internal team or professional is changeable might be a concern. An employee leaving on a bad note in a sense leaves your data vulnerable and your company or business exposed. Due to strict confidentiality procedures, a reliable managed IT service provider ensures the safety an in-house IT professional may not be able to!


Finally, you probably won’t be able to equip your in-house IT professional or team with the latest in computer technology. At the same time, this is necessary today for you to keep up with the ever increasing IT related functions and business features your company needs to offer and undertake.

IT Issues

A dedicated IT company you can imagine will be more than well equipped to address the same.

A Simple Matter of What Is Best

After going over the points above, what may be clear is the fact that in-house IT professionals and departments are taking a backseat to outsourcing companies due to efficiency. They simply cannot add value in the way that a professional managed IT service provider can.

If you’re someone running a business and unhappy with what your IT department has been offering of late, you could connect with a reliable managed IT service provider and look into what services they can offer you.

Our Hollywood FL based company offers managed IT solutions inclusive ofnetwork security, virtualization and cloud services. We also tailor programs specific to your needs saving you on costs for services you do not need. In any case, if you need us, we’re happy to help!