Small and Medium-Sized Businesses and Enterprise-Level IT Support

February 18th, 2019
Small and Medium-Sized Businesses and Enterprise-Level IT Support

Owners of SMBs may find it hard to offer extensive support for their devices, applications, and other related aspects of information technology. They usually don’t have the scale of resources available to them that large IT companies do and might not even be able to afford a dedicated IT support team.

This means that every time their computer is hit with a virus, one of their devices malfunctions, or when an internal email system stops working, they have limited remedial options. It’s either waiting to get online with the manufacturer or stopping by an electronics shop. SMB CIOs often just have to keep their fingers crossed that the service representative they engage with has adequate product knowledge.

Keep in mind that none of the options above are guaranteed to offer a viable, lasting solution to the problem. CIOs also can’t be sure how much it’ll cost or if confidential company data will remain secure. The only solution is hiring managed IT service providers for enterprise-level IT support.

What Is Enterprise-Level Tech Support?

It’s common to find a range of IT business solutions when you’re out shopping for new technology. You might even have to make a choice between solutions that are designed for a variety of business models. If you’re wondering why some vendors’ IT solutions are labeled “enterprise-level,” this post will discuss what that means, as well as its importance for small and medium-sized IT companies.

The word “enterprise” indicates large, well-established corporations that employ hundreds, if not thousands of employees. They typically have larger budgets compared to small or medium-sized businesses (SMBs). These enterprises provide IT solutions that are not only comprehensive, but also require a high level of expertise and practical experience for accurate implementation.

Needless to say, such businesses don’t purchase and use off-the-shelf technology in their IT infrastructure. From security to handling the bandwidth of their entire user-base, they have to invest in solutions that can handle all these issues. Perhaps the most important requirement for enterprise-level IT support and services is the need for IT to be centrally managed. This means that a store-bought backup solution is likely not going to cut it for these large corporations.

This is why the term “enterprise-level” pertains to resource-intensive IT solutions. Such enterprise-level solutions often require large-scale implementation, technological expertise, and foresight to reach their full potential. There is a certain level of risk involved in allocating such a large amount on this strategy.

The Cost of Traditional IT Support

As stellar tech support can be expensive, SMB owners can’t afford a full-fledged IT department. This is the reason many small businesses stick to a compact IT support team that only has the capability to fix minor problems. Even though an in-house IT team may present short-run benefits for owners, it isn’t a viable option for the long-run as unproductive tech support wastes money, time, and output.

Unfortunately, this is one of the major issues that SMBs run into. They often lack the financial resources to spend the up-front costs and time on implementing a high-level IT solution. As a result, CIOs may be tempted to simply skimp on regular maintenance or cut corners with their business operations. This only hinders the efficiency of their operations.

The technology experts at Think Technologies Group possess extensive knowledge on the intricacies of timely integration of enterprise-level technology solutions as well as their impact on your existing IT infrastructure and overall operational cost.

We’ve successfully assisted various small or medium-sized businesses in implementing enterprise-level solutions in a cost-effective manner. We use our expertise to deploy professional managed IT solutions to boost efficiency and guarantee meeting industry compliance requirements.

Enterprise Service Desk

An enterprise-level IT solution includes a service desk. It works to provide a consolidated point of contact between the organization and clients for email and telephonic communications.

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Today, cloud-based service desks have become increasingly popular in offering on-site IT support. There are several benefits to this, including flexibility, number of features, accessibility, and extensibility. An organization can enjoy the benefits of a cloud-based service desk from any part of the world, at any time.

For example, if your company’s accounting tool keeps crashing, the traditional IT department might not have the time or know-how to fix the issue. By the time they come around to offering a solution, several unproductive days might have gone by.

On the other hand, if the company had invested in a cloud-based service desk, the problem would’ve been instantly reported and service desk software would’ve quickly taken care of the trouble ticket. A separate ticket would be created for each incident and it would be assigned to an agent with the fastest response rate.

It’ll only be a matter of time before the ticket gets successfully resolved, without wasting precious time. The accounting department would also have remote desktop control and the personnel would be able to get back to work as quickly as possible.

Additional Benefits of Enterprise Service Desk

Some more crucial advantages of enterprise-level IT support for SMBs include:

Round-the-Clock Monitoring—In the time it takes to contact an in-house IT support team, an enterprise service desk already fixes the problem without causing any system disruptions. It’s constantly monitoring the system to ensure that nothing goes wrong in the future.

Higher Productivity—Enterprise service desk offers a streamlined approach to IT support and ticket management. Consequently, your company enjoys enhanced productivity while your employees are able to work without disruptions.

Better ROI—Cloud-based service desks allow small and medium-sized companies to save on hardware and software costs. They don’t need to keep a full-fledged IT department on their payroll either. By working with a managed IT service provider, they can even change payment terms according to their level of growth.

Instead, hire cloud-based managed IT service providers with comprehensive desk support as part of their repertoire of services. It’s a far more economical solution compared to running an in-house IT department which simply can’t give you the same results.

Expert Tech Solutions

It’s exactly these problems that Think Technologies Group aims to resolve! Our comprehensive and proactive IT support and services offer the perfect IT fix and ensure that the problem doesn’t occur again.

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