RdpGuard – The Newest Protection


We are now offering the best Windows Server protection out there, RdpGuard.  RdpGuard has been installed on to all client's Windows Server as another layer of protection for FREE.

Windows Servers are constantly on attack by network scanners and RDP brute-force tools.

Fall 2018 IT Buzz Recap

Thank you to everyone who attended our Fall 2018 IT Buzz Happy Hours!

We had a wonderful time in Ocala - Corporate on October 17th at The Lodge and in Gainesville on October 18th at Swamp Head Brewery.  Congratulations to Sarah from Canopy 360 and Mandy from Concept Companies for winning our raffle!

End of Life Yealink Phones

As of October 29, 2018 the following Yealink phones are going end of life.  This means that the phone functionality will be adversely affected and there won't be phone support from Yealink available.


If you're unsure on if you have one of these models, please reach out to your dedicated consultant or email us at service@think-team.

Different Malware Types You Need To Know About

October 11th, 2018

Imagine this: you’re watching a movie on your laptop when suddenly a pop up shows up at the corner of the screen. “WINDOWS HAS DETECTED A THREAT!” it screams.

Either you go into full panic mode, not knowing what to do or you ignore it and go back to watching the movie.

Unified communications explained

Many business owners are in the dark about unified communications (UC) and don’t know how it will help their bottom lines. To end your doubts and breathe new life into your business, read this. Companies in the United States and the United Kingdom have lost a total of $37 billion because of poor communication, according […]

The Ultimate Ransomware Guide

October 8th, 2018

While the internet has changed the way we run organizations for the better, it’s hard to ignore the dark side of cyber threats.

Different kinds of cyber attacks have surged in recent years. Hackers are now using sophisticated technology to wreak havoc on organizations.

Is Your Organization Prepared for Cloud?

October 4th, 2018

Cloud computing is changing the face of the corporate world. Secure, cost-effective and reliable; cloud computing is no doubt a significant investment for companies.

But, the transition to cloud isn’t possible without training your staff, which involves time and money.