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Security First, then Compliance

Data breaches hurt patients, medical practices and businesses. Breach investigations are much more likely to occur than HIPAA audits. Data breaches 46 can turn into expensive lawsuits. Only one federal agency conducts HIPA audits, while many federal and state agencies enforce data breach penalties. We are focused first on protecting you against data breaches, then on compliance. Contact us for more information.

17,000 Patient Records Breached per day on average

56% of patients whose data was breached lost trust and confidence in their healthcare provider

Only 43% of healthcare providers have an accurate inventory of employees' and customers' personal data

63% of healthcare institutions experience a Reportable Data Breach

$188 average cost per Breached Record

91% of healthcare organizations are using cloud-based services

47% are not confident in the ability to keep data secure in the cloud


HIPAA Compliancy Is
Required By LAW

Ensure compliance. protect yourself from potential data breaches and ensure the safety of Electronic Private Healthcare Information (ePHI).

The Office of Civil Rights—HIPAA Audit Program is in place. This year alone over 1200 aud t letters have been sent cut by the OCR. Make sure your practice is protected. A breach occurrence within a non-HIPAA compliant practice can result in millions of dollars in lines and Medicare fraud charges. Within a small practice the average fine up to $44,000 per doctor. With the OCR being proactive for the first time—you can be at risk without the appropriate processes and documentation in place.

What Can You Do?

Contact Think Technologies Group immediately at (855) 789-6043 and let us take care of the technical safeguards that need to be addressed/met under the Security Rule of the Health Insurance Portability and Protection Act.

Think Technologies Group
Offers a HIPAA Compliancy Check:

  • We use a process and the tools to gather detailed information about your network including firewall. security settings. use of ePHI, drive encryption and much more. We also work with your team to collect company and policy-based information that is cross-referenced against actual configurations to turn up hidden security vulnerabilities.
  • After project kick-off, Think Technologies Group will perform an initial interview and survey.
  • We then run deep data collections and diagnostics of your firewall. network and local systems to gather the network and security configurations,
  • The next step is to work with your team to document which employees and network systems/data are authorized for ePHI.
  • Finally Think Technologies Group will provide a Risk Analysis that, lists in priority the items that must be remodeled to ensure the security and confidentiality of ePHI on your systems, We will also provide reports, built for auditors, that document the evidence that compliant tasks were carried out and completed,

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